Nancy Polstein | About
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Nancy earned her BA in Psychology from Williams College and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University. She is a licensed psychologist in South Carolina, Connecticut and New York. Prior to starting her private practice in 1990, Nancy worked at Citibank’s Employee Assistance Program where she specialized in issues around organizational change and corporate restructuring.


Nancy believes that working with clients is about helping people find balance in their lives. Its about connecting the past with the present, and moving beyond the places in which we can all get stuck. Its about learning to care for ourselves while still attending to the people who need us most. Treatment with Nancy Polstein is an interactive, energetic process that is both insight oriented and solution focused.


Nancy brings the experience of her long career into the treatment room.   She specializes in working with people who are in the midst of a life transition – whether they are entering or leaving the workforce, getting married or divorced, becoming parents or starting a new chapter in their lives. Nancy respectfully and carefully helps her clients navigate these changes. Nancy also brings the perspective of someone who has struggled herself with weight and food related issues. She has been there, and knows how our body image can color how we see ourselves in the world. The personal and ongoing work that she has done around body image and food enables her to connect in a knowing and gentle way with others.


Nancy has recently relocated to Beaufort, SC and lives there with her husband. She maintains her practice in Connecticut as well, and spends time there each month. After many years of helping clients to find balance in their lives, she has created balance in her own and enjoys both the Northeast and the Lowcountry way of life.