Nancy Polstein | Life Transitions
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Life Transitions

Our lives are made up of a series of changes and transitions. Graduating from school, getting married, changing careers, becoming a parent, getting divorced, moving and losing a loved one are just some of the changes that can occur in our lives. Whether these are positive, exciting transitions or more painful and sad ones, we all tend to struggle during times of emotional upheaval. Nancy has worked with clients around each of these changes and has helped them to navigate the passage from one chapter of their lives into the next.


Nancy has worked extensively with people who are transitioning both into and out of the work force. She understands the concerns that they bring to these decisions as they weigh the potential impact on their work and family lives. She has also worked with a number of clients who are in the process of divorce as they seek to re-envision their lives.

Most recently, Nancy and her family have relocated from Connecticut to Beaufort. She understands first hand the varied and sometimes complicated emotions that accompany a major life change. She uses both her professional and her personal experience to help clients recognize, understand and articulate the concerns that they might be having, and she can help to create a roadmap for how to prepare for this new life stage.