Nancy Polstein | Holiday Cheer
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Holiday Cheer

17 Dec Holiday Cheer

It is cold, and snowy, and blustery outside and in my office it feels calm and peaceful and serene.  Ahh. . . .

Its been a very hectic few months with many changes, some big losses and some wonderfully happy times.  In short, I guess life has been unfolding.  Unpredictable and uncontrollable, as life will always be.   I can’t quite believe that it is December already, the holidays are here, and both the joys and the frustrations of this crazy season are upon us.

I want to wish you all peace, but know that peace and chaos live right next door to each other.  I wish you health, but recognize that sometimes our most profound learning comes from the part of us that is in pain or illness.  And I wish you joy, but know that the vulnerability that comes with joyful living can also make us feel deep sadness.

I wish you all wholeness.  The breadth of experience that allows you to feel the love, and the peace and the health, without fearing the pain and the heartbreak that comes from being truly alive.  I wish you connection – with your loved ones, with your community and even with the parts of yourself that you most fear.  I do believe that when we can embrace the whole of who we are, and the whole of what life offers us, we can live our most expansive lives.

The storm and the peace. . . I wish it all for you.  Much love in the new year to you all.